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Conscious Leadership in Action: Connect, Create and Inspire to Boost Your Results


Whether you're leading a company or your own career, learn the tools that conscious leaders around the country are using to increase productivity, boost creativity and tighten teams while reducing stress and increasing joy for you and your colleagues.  

Create Sustainable Success

This workshop focuses on moving leaders from reactive thinking to fully-empowered conscious action. You’ll learn real-world tools to help you see issues clearly, examine all that is at stake and make the best choice quickly for sustainable success.

These are same tools that Tim – a former NBC news executive and Emmy-award winner – learned to lead talented people who were pushing the envelope and creating new things, while slaying the dragon of work life balance.

With this style of leadership – which values connection over bureaucracy and creativity over rules, Tim’s team became more productive, more creative and had more fun together. Gossip ended, frustration dropped and they faced challenges in a way that gave them creative control over their future.

Organizations as diverse as project management startup Asana, pharmaceutical giant Genentech and high-end homebuilder Woodmeister use these tools every day to create sustainable success for themselves and their customers.

Want to learn how it can work for you?

You’re in luck. Tim and executive coach Meg Dennison are sharing the essentials of conscious leadership this Fall.


Whether you work in an established business, a startup, or a nonprofit organization, this one-day workshop will teach you new tools for solving the everyday problems.

One of the key concepts you'll work with is increasing learning agility by knowing how open you are in any moment. Watch this video for a short preview. 


  • Get people to listen by learning to inspire healthy responsibility to motivate action.
  • Increase your learning agility and win through rapid product iteration.
  • Solve repeating problems by learning how to harness your team’s curiosity and creativity for real-world solutions that really work.
  • Use all your intelligences — intellectual, emotional and physical — to become a more effective leader.
  • Get what you really want at work, even if it seems no one is on your side.
  • Increase your creative flow and end work/life conflict.
  • Learn how to spot office drama and end it with creative problem-solving


You Will Get:

  • Lunch and time over lunch to connect with fellow participants
  • A work book to reference what you learn 
  • A free follow up call after the workshop to ask questions about implementing the practices in your workplace
  • Additional practices to further your understanding and implementation of these tools in the future
  • An inspiring day in a light-filled studio with Meg and Tim and other folks who love to learn and are inspired to create a great workplace

“21st Century Leadership Skill workshop offered me an excellent opportunity to refresh my leadership and team building skills, while adding new perspectives and mentoring tools to work with on myself and for the organization I work with.”
— Paul Guitard, Business Development Officer, Woodmeister

Who are Meg & Tim?

Led by executive coaches Tim Peek and Meg Dennison, 21st Century Leadership Skills is built on their real-world experience helping startups, established companies, and non-profits unlock their full potential. They do this by waking leaders up to their innate knowing — moving from reactive thinking to creative response through the power of conscious leadership.

Tim is a former NBC news executive, Emmy award winner, and a founding member of the Conscious Leadership Group. An expert in disruptive change, Tim has led large technology projects, founded several startups, and coached leaders around the world. He is a mentor for the South Korean accelerator SparkLabs and for MergeLane, an accelerator for women-led startups. 

Meg is a Hendricks-trained conscious leadership coach who helps inspired bosses create awesome and sustainable work lives for themselves and others. She does this by focusing on developing emotional and body intelligence throughout leaders’ lives, allowing them to connect powerfully with colleagues, bosses, and customers to create better solutions.

Meg and Tim have been married for almost 30 years and use these tools daily in their personal relationship and business partnership.

“We wanted to create a company with a compelling culture of purpose and meaning for everyone in the company. Working with Tim and Meg opened new possibilities for how to make that transition and allowed us to quickly activate our strategy, winning an important new client and shifting existing clients towards a new model, while creating the culture we wanted for our ideal workplace.”
— Adam Bouchard, co-founder Agilion Apps
“Tim uses an authentic-experience-based approach to inspire alternative thinking and truth seeking. What sets Tim apart is also his rich experience in the corporate world. His willingness and ease to share this invaluable experience makes his workshops very approachable and easy for participants to engage and contribute.”
— Christina Yu Yu, PhD, Director, USC Pacific Asia Museum
“Meg’s 21st Century Leadership Skills workshop was amazing and came at a perfect time! I signed up on impulse and it was one of the best things I did for myself and my business this year.  I had been struggling with being overwhelmed, keeping my staff engaged and tracking client retention.  This workshop gave me the tools I needed to create a conversation with my employees, to resolve problems and take responsibility for the results.”
— Jessica Walker, owner Plaza Salon and Spa, Bernardsville, NJ.

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